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March 21, 2022

A Heart Full of Hope with Jennifer Toscano | Episode 10

Founder of A Heart Full of Hope, graphic designer and mom of two, Jennifer Toscano joins me to talk about her journey battling depression and how she found a God who left the ninety nine to go rescue her. Depression is something a lot of us have faced or could be facing now whether it’s from postpartum or beyond. So if that’s you or you know someone struggling, tune in and share this episode because Jennifer’s going to tell us exactly what she did to invite God in and how she found immeasurable hope in the dark valley. The practical steps are something she continues to do today when she finds herself in another low season, and they’re things that we can apply to our life too.

Today Jennifer courageously shares her journey of brokenness with thousands of women online and inspires us all to draw closer to God and find abounding hope in Him.

To connect with Jennifer visit her Facebook page, Youtube, Instagram or website.

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Jennifer ToscanoProfile Photo

Jennifer Toscano

Founder of A Heart Full of Hope

I started my blog in 2020 after a dear friend encouraged me to start writing. I kept a prayer journal for years, and those prayers and notes turned into my first blog posts. I have found so much joy in writing about my faith journey, and I hope that my words help encourage other women to seek God above all else.

I am a wife, a mother to two beautiful girls, and also a graphic designer. I love to create, and my blog quickly turned into a passion and creative outlet. I have found great joy in creating, writing, and designing–all for His glory.

In 2021, I started an online shop to sell faith-based prints and greeting cards. My greatest hope is for The Word of God and His love to be spread throughout the world. My prayer is that each card and design would shine His light, that the scriptures found on them would encourage those who receive them, and that each individual would experience His great love.

I have seen and experienced first hand the transforming power of His Word, and that’s why a percentage of every sale from my shop will go towards buying Bibles for those who don’t have one. I have no doubt God is going to do big things through this journey, and I would be honored if you would be a part of it.

I pray that my blog, A Heart Full of Hope, will encourage you and fill you with the kind of hope that can only be found in Jesus.