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6 Questions to Ask Yourself When You're Feeling Anxious

Anxiety can show up in many forms across an entire spectrum of severity. It can also have a tremendous impact on our motherhood. Sometimes that's the moment it starts showing up.

The root cause may actually surprise you.

Parenting and marriage coach Taylor Irby shared the key questions we need to ask ourselves when we’re feeling anxious. These questions will help you understand the deep drivers of your anxiety and lead you to trust God. Even if you know where your anxiety is coming from, you might be surprised to find there’s something deeper going on. Identifying that could be the difference between having peace or continuing to live in stress.

Six questions to understand the drivers of your anxiety

1. What am I doing in my physical body or my thoughts that isn’t very healthy
2. What am I feeling anxious about?
3. Where am I feeling the most vulnerable?
4. What am I afraid of?
5. Where am I not trusting that God is going to show up?
6. Am I going to trust God or not trust?   

Taylor also shares more wisdom on the podcast. Listen in.

  • The “window of tolerance” which will help you assess your level of stress and anxiety and find ways to bring yourself back before exploding
  • How we practically give something to God
  • Her testament of how God used her high anxiety season to prepare her for difficult life events down the road