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March 13, 2023

Faith Hacks for Busy Christian Moms

Faith Hacks for Busy Christian Moms

It can often feel impossible to meet with God, especially in the beginning stages of our motherhood journeys where our schedules, time and energy are often overwhelmed and running on fumes. Maybe it seems like it's been forever since we've had quiet time with the Lord or even read the Bible, and you feel guilty.

I'm here to encourage you and tell you that it's ok, mama. The fact that you're reading this post means that you want more God in your life and your heart is in the right posture.

If you're struggling to find dedicated time and space to be with God, here are some really easy, simple ways to connect with Him while you're on the go.

1. Breath prayers - take a holy phrase, word or bible verse and match it to the rhythm of your breath. For example, if you're saying, Holy Spirit - breathe in "Holy" and breathe out "Spirit." This practice is especially powerful when you're stressed out. Taking those deep breaths benefits the stress levels going off in your body while the prayer uplifts your spirit.

2. Speak His name and character out loud - vocalizing words have much more power over your mind than just thinking those same words. So use your voice to speak out the truth of who God is by repeating a Bible verse or describing Him in your own words. You can say things like, God is in control, God is sovereign, God goes ahead of me.

3. Physical worship - if it's safe to do, raise your hand while you're on the go - at a red light in the car, while you're feeding your baby on the couch or even while you're shopping. It doesn't have to be in rhythm to a worship song. You could do it as you're describing His goodness or saying a quick prayer. My pastor shared a sermon many years ago about connecting with God, and he raised his hands with all fingers pointing up to the air, like a power cord. He said I'm plugging in to God, the true source of strength and all things. So if that helps, imagine that visual.

4. Gratitude for common, boring things - I recommend focusing on "common" and "boring" things because this is all about training our gratitude muscles. Examples could be being thankful for running water, the clothes on our back, the bed we sleep in... most of us are blessed to have these things and we don't want to take them for granted. As we exercise our gratitude muscles, we'll continue filling our mental and spiritual cup and learn to see God's goodness everywhere.

It is possible to meet with God even during our most chaotic, busiest moments through these simple ways: breath prayers, speaking the Lord's goodness out loud, physical worship on the go, and gratitude. I pray these encourage you and that God will use them to show more of Himself every time.

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