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June 20, 2022

Breath Praying Through Overwhelming Moments and Unmet Expectations with Amber Palmer | Episode 22

Expectations… we all have them of ourselves, right? Whether they are minor or major, when reality falls short of our expectations we can get overwhelmed and feel like a failure. 

Writer of My Jars of Clay and mom to 2 kiddos, Amber Palmer shares her testimony about what she expected motherhood to be like and the wildly different reality that rocked her and her faith. While struggling to fully rely on herself to reconcile the gap, she found God to be alive and a heavenly father who was for her, not against her. She also shares:

  • The power of breath prayers and how that has helped her not only when expectations aren’t met, but when days become overwhelming and stressful
  • The deeper meaning behind the popular, biblical phrase “be still” 
  • Important questions to ask yourself about the expectations you have

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Amber Palmer

Amber is a wife of thirteen years and an easily overwhelmed mom of two kids. She has a big heart for encouraging moms and helping them keep their eyes locked on Jesus. Through her writing at My Jars of Clay, Amber hopes to glorify Jesus in the broken pieces and beautiful moments of motherhood. You can find her at