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Feb. 28, 2022

Simple Things You Can Do Today to Cling to God with Mariel Davenport | Episode 7

Founder of the TEND method to studying God’s Word and mom of two boys, Mariel Davenport shares what happened in her and her unstable marriage when she decided to stop being consumed with unfounded doubt and suspicion of what her husband might be doing. She stopped trying to control and cling to him and instead chose to cling to God. By taking very practical steps in faith, a powerful transformation happened in her, her husband and a relationship that was falling apart. In this episode she’s going to tell us: 

  • What we can do to stop trying to control and find our purpose from people or things that can shift 
  • What it means to cling to God and how that will fundamentally change you and those around you
  • The practical steps we can take to move from shaky ground to the solid rock that is God

No matter the season or situation you’re in, the practical steps Mariel shares are SO easy and you'll be able to start applying them today. 

To connect with Mariel and learn more about the TEND method and gathering coming up on March 8th, visit her website at www.marieldavenport.com, on Facebook and on Instagram.

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