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Aug. 22, 2022

Having Peace When Life Doesn't Make Sense with Brianne Edwards | Episode 27

Struggling with what she believed about God’s character after the tragic loss of her son, Brianne Edwards (author of A Thousand Pounds and founder of Lach’s Legacy) takes us on a wild journey of hard questions and revelations that shook the foundation of her faith and led her to know God as the ultimate giver of peace.

During this powerful conversation, she also shares her perspective on a very popular question about God’s goodness – If God is so good, why do bad things happen? Her response and the life changing realizations she had are profound (and it’s more than God giving us free will). 

Whatever hard stuff you’re going through right now, you’ll walk away from this episode with the reassurance that God will meet you in your dark places if you allow him, and he will lead you to experience peace beyond human understanding.

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Brianne EdwardsProfile Photo

Brianne Edwards

Author of A Thousand Pounds and Founder of Lach's Legacy

Brianne Edwards writes about the unexpected loss of her son and the depths of grief that followed as part of her mission to bring connection, comfort, and hope to other grieving families. She is a wife, mother of six, and founder of Lach's Legacy, a nonprofit created in memory of her son. She comes to the table with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, a Master’s degree as a Physician Assistant, and a Compassionate Bereavement Care Certification. Brianne lives with her family in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.