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Feb. 14, 2022

How I Saved My Broken Marriage with Luisa Rodriguez | Episode 5

Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies! In today’s episode we’re talking about hard marriages. Creator and author of Fruitful Living, wife to a retired marine and mom of two, Luisa Rodriguez is here to share her personal journey of restoring a broken marriage. After ten years, Luisa felt like it was over. She and her husband barely recognized each other, they hardly talked and the feelings of love seemingly evaporated. But through her obedience to God and the intervention of loving people in her life, her relationship was not only restored but flourished, and now she celebrates nearly twenty years of marriage. In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • How she made the decision to commit to her relationship even though she felt like there was nothing left
  • How she knew God wanted her to prioritize her marriage above everything else
  • What the path to healing and restoration looked like
  • The mental shift we need to make on how we see our husband and our marriage

To connect with Luisa and learn more about Fruitfully Living, visit her website, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.
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