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Feb. 21, 2022

I Lost Control of Everything Happening Around Me with Megan Estrem | Episode 6

Christian life coach and mom of three Megan Estrem found herself losing control of everything happening around her after a culmination of events that involved losing her job, delivering her baby at 32 weeks only to then have her newborn swiftly taken to another hospital right after birth, and dealing with a near death health complication after delivery. Throughout this tumultuous time she leaned on the power of prayer, her community and her trust that God is still in control even when things are very out of control in our lives.

If you’re feeling like things are spiraling out of control in your life, her words of hope will uplift you. She'll speak about how we can feel assured that God has a plan and remind you that prayers of distress are also good (Episode 4 with Julie Jensen has a great testimony about that too).

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