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Nov. 7, 2022

Mama, It’s Time to Play! Relieving Stress and Finding Your Play Personality with Youth, Family and Culture Expert Joy Wendling | Episode 35

If you’re looking for ways to decompress and relieve your stress, it’s time to go play!

Kids play. That’s what they innately do, and their bodies respond with joy. But what about adults? At some point in our transition to adulthood, did we stop playing?

Joy Wendling, youth, family and culture expert and host of the Playfully Faithful Parenting podcast, has spent years studying the purpose and benefits of play for adults and kids. She shares the concept of playing personalities, the spectrum of “play” that makes it applicable to everybody (even if you think you’re not “playful”), and the many ways we can apply it to our daily lives to find greater joy and grow our faith.

We also chat about:

  • Ways to encounter God through acts of play as women growing our faith and as moms who desire to build our kids’ faith
  • How the popular game “Floor is Lava” can teach kids more about God
  • Intentional, fun, humor in motherhood

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Joy WendlingProfile Photo

Joy Wendling

Founder of Created to Play and Host of Playfully Faithful Parenting Podcast

As a mom of 5 girls under 10, Joy knows how hard motherhood can be. She has learned the secret to living an abundant life is making time for faith-filled play. Joy shares about this, playful parenting, discipleship, and discipline twice a week on her podcast, Playfully Faithful Parenting. Joy holds a Master's in Youth, Family, and Culture from Fuller Theological Seminary and is a Connected Families Certified Parent Coach with a certificate in Parenting for Faith from Cliff College. She has 20+ years of children's, youth, and family ministry experience, as well as experience in Christian Early Childhood Education. Her first and second published books should be out in 2023. She believes we are all created to play and loves to equip Christ-followers to use play in pursuing their faith. Most days you'll find her gazing at the mountains and water from her Pacific Northwest Island home with a cold Diet Coke and kids laughing (or yelling) in the background.