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April 3, 2023

Mood Boosting Foods For More Excellent Days. Part 2 of Energy Series [Guest: Nutritional Psychology Expert Rekishia McMillan]

This is part 2 of the energy series. Follow the Moms Grab Coffee podcast wherever you’re listening as we dig into energy inducing nutrition and more wellness tactics over the next few weeks.
On today's episode --- It’s a no brainer that the food we eat impacts our physical body, but what about our mental health?
An expert in applying mental health nutrition and nutritional psychology to help women recover from depression, stress, and anxiety, Rekishia McMillan talks about how different types of food impact our mood. 
In this episode we discuss:

  • What we are actually consuming - is it truly “food” or is it a “food product”? Understand the difference
  • A guide on how to choose mood boosting foods
  • Top foods that support and sustain a healthy mood and alternative choices if you don’t like them
  • A sample mood regulating menu based on a day in the life of a nutritional expert
  • How to think about snacks
  • Rekishia’s testimony of becoming an expert in nutritional psychology and integrative medicine

Episode Timestamps
3:03 - How we should think about food vs. food products
5:04 - The science behind how food affects mood
7:37 - Guide to choosing mood boosting food
9:36 - Top foods to regulate our moods
13:17 - What if you don’t like the foods needed to regulate our moods
14:40 - Rekishia’s testimony
17:35 - Sample menu in the day of a life of a nutritional expert

Connect with Rekishia and learn more on her website

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Rekishia McMillanProfile Photo

Rekishia McMillan

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified GetFit21 Coach, Author and Host of The Rock Your World Naturally Podcast

Rekishia L. McMillan, is an Ordained Minister, Licensed Certified Master Social Worker, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified GetFit21 Coach, honorably retired Air Force veteran and Award-Winning Author. She is the founder and owner of Rock Your World Naturally, LLC where she provides holistic coaching services for physical, spiritual and emotional health for women.

Rekishia’s service to the Central New Jersey area also includes a partnership with Health Practice Advisors where she collaborates with a group of healthcare and fitness professionals and together, they facilitate an online medically endorsed Weight Loss & Metabolic Health Program, Gut Health, Simple Cholesterol and Diabetes Management Programs.

She is the founder and lead host for the annual Space for Her total health conference which encourages women to invest in themselves and each other as they claim their own space in the world. Space for Her provides resources and connections to help women achieve emotional, physical, spiritual and professional balance. This special conference has been recognized by the Governor of New Jersey and other State officials.

Rekishia’s voice can be heard weekly as she hosts The Rock Your World Naturally Show delivering God’s message of holistic health and wellness for the body, soul and spirit. Rekishia interviews health experts from around the world on various topics. The Rock Your World Naturally Show was nominated as a favorite podcast by Blubrry.

Rekishia’s testimony powerfully resonates with women as she shares how God restored her voice after suffering years in painful silence after being sexually abused. It was through God’s redemptive love that she received her healing to aid women in finding their voice.

While serving on Active Duty, Rekishia witnessed her comrades killed in one the most tragic aircraft incidents recorded in the history of the Air Force and as a result, she suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). Through her experience she helps Military Service Members and fellow veterans overcome PTS and unique challenges associated with military and veteran communities.

Rekishia graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has earned certifications, specializing in culinary and integrative medicine. She uses telemedicine for mental health nutrition and nutritional psychology to help women recover from depression, stress, anxiety, obesity and autoimmune disorders. As an ordained Minister, she provides biblical and Christ-centered approaches that nurture total health for the body, soul and spirit. Rekishia holds a Master’s degree in Social Work with a Clinical Concentration from Rutgers University. Currently, she is a Doctoral student at North Western Theological Seminary completing the Christian Counseling program. She is a member in good standing with the International Association of Health Coaches.