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May 24, 2022

My Faith Isn’t Strong Enough (Navigating Self-Blame) with Lauren Larsen | Episode 19

It’s my fault. My faith isn’t strong enough. Ever say that to yourself?

Mom of 2, former pediatric nurse and blogger of This Bread Will Rise, Lauren Larson shares her journey with self-blame and the realizations she’s had about her faith walk as she navigates her baby’s medical diagnosis of FPIES, a gastrointestinal condition.

If you’re taking on the weight of trying to do everything through your own strength, you’ll walk away with practical, honest advice on inviting God in, what to do when it’s hard to pray, and how to find God’s peace and comfort especially when He feels far away.
To connect with Lauren, visit her website, Instagram, and Facebook page.

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Lauren Larsen Profile Photo

Lauren Larsen

Blogger at This Bread Will Rise

Lauren Larson is a grateful wife, mom to two silly and imaginative girls – Rosie (5), Ellie (2) – former pediatric RN, consummate baker, lover of family traditions, avid reader of cozy mysteries, and navigator of her daughter’s FPIES. Lauren was born in Alaska, raised by southern parents, and now lives in Washington state. She has combined her desire to feed the world delicious treats with navigating a challenging medical diagnosis for her youngest daughter to create her blog – This Bread Will Rise: Baking and FPIES. She'd love to share a cookie recipe or conversation over a hot cup of coffee with all who visit.