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Aug. 29, 2022

Overcoming Guilt From Your Past with Pastor Jenni Clayville | Episode 28

Are you holding on to something from your past that is weighing you down with guilt? 

Pastor Jenni Clayville opens up about her two year affair and what her journey looked like towards forgiveness and grace from people, God and herself.
Whether it’s an affair or something else, if you’ve been carrying the heaviness of a decision you made in your past, she’ll remind you that that doesn’t have to define you. There is forgiveness that can be found, and there is a path of redemption.

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Jenni Clayville


Jenni Wong Clayville was born and raised in Seattle, WA. but she and her family now live in the Washington D.C area. She is wife to Brian and boy-mom to Chance & Paxton. Jenni currently serves at National Community Church as the Weekend Experience Pastor and is part of the teaching team at the Northern Virginia location. Over the past two decades, she has served as a Pastor in Portland, OR., El Paso, TX., Oklahoma City, OK., and Fort Worth, TX. Her ministry experience has varied in positions such as Worship & Creative Arts, First Impressions, and Executive Pastor. Jenni also serves on the leadership team of Leading and Loving It for over ten years and recently on the Propel Ecclesia Team to support women in ministry internationally. Jenni is a life-long learner, an unpretentious foodie, a more pretentious coffee lover, and a self-proclaimed comedienne.