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July 18, 2022

6 Questions to Ask Yourself When You're Feeling Anxious with Taylor Irby | Episode 25

Parenting and marriage coach Taylor Irby talks about the key questions we need to ask ourselves when we’re feeling anxious. These questions will help you understand the deep drivers of your anxiety and lead you to trust God. Even if you know where your anxiety is coming from, you might be surprised to find there’s something deeper going on. Identifying that could be the difference between having peace or continuing to live in stress.

Taylor also shares more wisdom:

  • The “window of tolerance” which will help you assess your level of stress and anxiety and find ways to bring yourself back before exploding
  • How do we practically give something to God
  • Her testament of how God used her high anxiety season to strengthen her faith in preparation for some really difficult life events

If you feel maxed out, stressed out, and anxious, start using these tips from Taylor. 

Topic timestamps if you want to skip around:
7:27 Taylor’s testimony
20:26 Understanding what’s driving your anxiety
24:17 God shows up in Taylor’s life
27:34 The window of tolerance to manage stress

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Taylor Irby

Taylor Irby is a certified life coach through Connected Families and Coaching Mission International. Through her years of coaching, Taylor has helped families and leaders thrive. She is the mother of 5 children, and she spent 11 years with her family in Bosnia serving students and families. She loves to come alongside discouraged families, providing them with the tools they need for connection, growth and lasting change.
Visit her at
Facebook: Taylor Irby Coaching
Instagram: @taylorirbycoaching