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Jan. 31, 2023

The Struggle is Real! So is the Gift of Biblical Lament For Today's Christian Mom [Guest: 'God Is Still Good' Author Katie Faris] Episode 46

Katie Faris is back on the show! In her new book, God is Still Good, she speaks directly to moms, and her wisdom couldn’t be more relatable.
Katie encourages us to recognize the tough realities of being a mother, find comfort in practicing biblical lament, and discover hope in how God intended for us to live in our trials.
We talk about: 

  • Why diminishing the hard parts of motherhood is actually dangerous and what we should do instead
  • Is making light of our motherhood shortcoming through humor actually healthy?
  • How motherhood by faith instead of sight decreases our levels of stress and weakens the effects of comparison traps - it may sound counterintuitive, but it totally makes sense for the Christian mom!
  • The 6-step method to turn around bad self-talk

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Katie FarisProfile Photo

Katie Faris

Author of God is Still Good, He Will Be Enough and Loving My Children

Katie Faris is a pastor’s wife and mother to five children—who also loves to write. She is the author of God is Still Good, He Will Be Enough and Loving My Children; writes articles for The Gospel Coalition, Risen Motherhood, and more; and blogs at She lives with her family in New Jersey.