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Dec. 13, 2022

Friday Night Lights | Episode 40

What is more inspiring than the heart-tugging, victory-rising scenes in sports drama shows? They reach in and grab our hearts until they burst with the kind of parental pride that spills out of our eye holes. Well, when I was on maternity leave many years ago I watched one of these very shows: Friday Night Lights. My hormones were already sleep deprived and amuck. Why not just go all in on the emotional roller coaster?! Worth it.

I recently heard that a reboot of the show is coming which brought me to think about Friday Night Lights again, particularly this mighty, rich-as-an-espresso slogan: Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. (Heart emoji!) But instead of seeing the Dillon, Texas football team, I saw an inspiring application for us moms and our faith walk. Weird, I know. But it totally works.

So go listen before these shownotes become longer than the actual episode.

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