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Feb. 1, 2022

Trusting God's Promise When the World Says It's a Lie with Ana Nunez | Episode 3

Co-founder of The Showbread Table, Ana Nunez experienced six heartbreaking miscarriages before she saw the promise of God fulfilled, but not in the way she was expecting. Through each heartbreak, she held on tightly to the Word and trusted in God as a promise keeper while fighting against her mind and the world telling her she will not have a child. In her beautiful story you’ll hear:

- How she trusted His plan and His ways
- What God’s promise looked like and how she was able to continue trusting it in the midst of multiple heartbreaking miscarriages that told her it was a lie
- What it felt like when God spoke hope and life in her
- The immense power of reading the Bible

Her rawness and realness will move you, and her words of hope will uplift you. You don’t want to miss it.

To connect with Ana and her organization, the Showbread Table, visit https://www.theshowbreadtable.com

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