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March 13, 2023

What Does It Mean To Be "Good" in Motherhood? Look to the Heart of God For Christian Moms [Guest: Faith Mamas Founder & President Dominique Young]

What does it actually mean to be “good”? Dominique Young, founder and president of Faith Mamas Tribe, grounds us in God’s ultimate mission in motherhood by comparing what the world says is good vs. what God says is good. She tells us how God’s “good” applies to the daily routines of motherhood, and that wisdom will energize you to see Kingdom work happening THROUGH YOU - for your home, your kids, your spouse, and any other position God has placed you in!
If you’re especially frustrated with where you are in your life, this is the encouraging episode you need to hear. 
We discuss:

  • The heart and mission of God
  • How God’s mission relates to our desires to want worldly “good” things. Should we not want them?
  • What to do when God says no to our desires
  • Why God doesn’t intervene during tragedy or evil, and what it would mean if he actually did 
  • The one thing we need to remember during our waiting seasons
  • How Faith Mamas started, how to get connected, and what’s next for the ministry

Episode Timestamps
3:18 -
What the world says is good
6:21 - The heart and mission of God
13:15 - How Dominique laid down her desire for a bigger house and decided to trust God instead
16:15 - Why God doesn’t intervene in tragedy and other hard things
21:30 - The one thing we need to remember when we’re waiting on God to move
24:35 - Special encouraging words of hope for struggling moms, especially those in the infancy stage
29:27 - The origin of Faith Mamas and what’s next
Connect with Dominique, download the Faith Mamas app and learn more about Faith Mamas

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Dominique YoungProfile Photo

Dominique Young

Founder and President of Faith Mamas Tribe

Dominique Young is a wife, mom of 4, and passionate about Jesus. As a current seminary student and minister Dominique spends much of her time leading bible study, and teaching the scriptures on and offline. Dominique is the founder of the Faith Mamas Tribe where she encourages over 2000 women to connect with God daily through a morning Bible study and community app.