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April 24, 2023

Drop the Guilt and the Timeline! How This Mom Finally Reached Her Health Goals - Part 4 of Energy Series [Guest: De Bolton of Faith Fueled Mom]

In this last episode of the energy series, certified personal trainer and wellness educator De Bolton of Faith Fueled Mom reminds us that it’s often the simple and small things we can do to get more energy and wellness into our days. She also guides us in breaking unhealthy habits and establishing routines that set us up for healthier bodies and faith habits (without the guilt that can come with it!). And of course, she shares her inspiring testimony of how she started her physical health journey!
Episode Timestamps:
(3:35)  Who is De Bolton
(7:46)  De’s testimony and why it was the right time to start her health journey while caring for 3 young kids
(11:05)  How De grew her faith in the Lord plus Inductive Bible Studying
(14:04)  What disciplines De put into place to start taking better care of herself, including breaking old habits
(17:47)  What De’s time with the Lord looked like as she started her health journey
(19:20)  De’s best advice on getting out of bed and starting the day early
(21:40)  How De continues to prioritize the health of her body
(28:30)  Practical, small ways moms can start taking better care of themselves
(32:10)  De’s resources, the FaithFueled Life app, and her upcoming podcast launch, The Ardent Wife
Connect with De on her website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
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De BoltonProfile Photo

De Bolton

Founder of Faith Fueled Moms

De Bolton was inspired to change her life. Her transformation began by focusing not on weight loss but on honoring and rebuilding her temple. De is now a NASM Certified Personal trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Wellness Advisor. She has been sharing her faith and wellness journey and providing lifestyle education on her award-winning blog, FaithFueled Mom, for over six years.

Her goal is simply to help strong women get stronger during their own wellness journey. How? By equipping them with the tools they need to live free, nourish better, and honor their temple. De inspires and motivates people to live a healthy lifestyle while offering her community fitness and nutrition skills.

In De's class, De is all about making movement matter, setting you up for success, and challenging you to do more than you did before. Come to work hard and play hard as De works you from head to toe. Be inspired and motivated to challenge yourself with De.

De also serves in the Authentic Intimacy Ministry. A Christian sexuality ministry is helping people to discover God’s design for sexuality. She also serves in the non-profit organization On the Inside sharing movement, connection and mindfulness with incarcerated women.

Besides FaithFueled Mom, you can also find De featured in, Livestrong, Women's Health Magazine,, Reader Digests, Refinery 29, and Oxygen Magazine.

De holds additional certifications as a Weight Loss Specialist, Stretch and Flexibility Coach, Senior Fitness Specialist, HIIT & Flow Master Trainer, 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher and Barre Instructor, and currently pursuing her NASM Behavior Change Specialization.

When she’s not coaching clients, writing new and exciting content or praising Jesus, De can be found spending quality time with her three beautiful daughters along with her best friend and husband, Ed.