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Feb. 8, 2022

Why Angry Prayers Are Important Too with Julie Jensen | Episode 4

What happens when you get angry at God? Julie Jensen, author of Journaling Is For You and contributing writer for HerViewFromHome shares her raw journey with God as she asked him to stop sending her babies she doesn't get to hold after miscarrying 5 times. Through her tears of frustration in her waiting season, she found a God that is all knowing and all loving. In her beautiful story you’ll learn:
- Why God needs to hear from us
- What happens when we say our prayers out loud and share the hard stuff with Him
- How to keep pressing into your faith when life gets hard
- What it felt like to feel God’s love and his overwhelming comfort during her hardship
- How God revealed himself to be present and walking alongside her through the storm
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- Spiritual, Physical, Financial Goals
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Julie Jensen

Author of Journaling is For You and and Spiritual, Physical and Financial Goals

Julie is a wife and mother of four little ones. She is a ranch-raised introvert and craver of the simple life. Faith is her anchor. Writing is her passion. is her website. Spiritual Physical Financial Goals: My Journey of 30-Day Intentions and Journaling Is for You are her books. You can also check her out on Facebook here: Julie C. Jensen Author/Writer .