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March 14, 2022

When Wishes Change with Tricia Roos | Episode 9

On the show today we’re talking about relentlessly pursuing God and finding incredible hope and purpose from pain. 

Tricia Roos, author of When Wishes Change, shares how she continually fought to trust in God throughout her journey with her beautiful little girl, Annabelle, who had Trisomy 18. Against experts’ advice to terminate the pregnancy, Tricia continued and carried Annabelle to full term. Surpassing all medical expectations, she lived a miraculous six days and her short life has had a powerful impact on people all over the world. You’ll hear how Tricia wrestled with God during this dark season, how she had to intentionally seek Him over and over again to keep fueling her faith and trust, and how God repeatedly showed up to deliver peace and comfort through people and places along her journey. 

Tricia’s story will remind you that God can take even our most heart wrenching experiences and use them for an extraordinary purpose beyond what we could ever imagine if we trust in Him and allow our wishes to change. 

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Tricia RoosProfile Photo

Tricia Roos

Speaker and Author of When Wishes Change

Tricia Roos is a Dallas wife and mother who built a winning career in sports and high school admissions but found her greatest victory in loss. Against the advice of medical experts, Tricia carried full term a child she was warned would die at birth or before. That season Tricia’s team won every game, the child in her grew, and eventually she held and loved the daughter who wasn’t supposed to live. In six days of a brief and remarkable life, Annabelle Roos rewrote the medical chapter on a chromosomal condition called Trisomy 18—giving life to a story that galvanized a large high school, a big city, readers of When Wishes Change, and audiences nationally.

As director of admissions for the largest co-ed private Catholic school in Texas, Tricia burst the seams on annual student applications. Her volleyball teams often ranked nationally and statewide among both public and private schools on numerous occasions. Dozens of her athletes played at the college level—in critical roles at LSU, Baylor, Boston College, SMU, Loyola Maryland, St. Francis University, Tulane, St. Mary’s College, and many others.

When Wishes Change is about how her wish for a healthy baby girl changed into something more beautiful than she could have ever dreamed.

More than that, the lesson of allowing your wishes to change transcends the loss of a child. We can all learn that through change, we can love deeper, go further, and grow more than we can ever imagine for ourselves.

Tricia has a deep passion for sharing her story with others as well as sharing her knowledge of branding, marketing and educational consulting with others.