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Nov. 14, 2022

God at the Gas Pump - Inviting His Wonders Into Your Life During Everyday Moments with Author and Worship Pastor Tara Banks | Episode 36

Pumping gas, folding laundry, cleaning, changing diapers even! These normal moments can be the most powerful times to invite God in and hear what He has to say to you. 

From the author of the upcoming book Waiting on Wonders, Tara Banks tells us how God can use everyday, normal activities to refresh our hearts and minds.

She also gives powerful advice on:

  • Discerning the Lord’s voice
  • Pruning your calendar and deciding what to say “yes” to and what to turn down
  • The difference between passive and active waiting
  • How we stop and pause, no matter how chaotic and busy our days are 

This episode will show you that God doesn’t just speak to us during set quiet times or places like church. He is everywhere, if we choose to pause and listen.
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Tara BanksProfile Photo

Tara Banks

Author, Worship Pastor, COO

Tara Banks is married to her college sweetheart, Greg, and they have two Sons of Thunder, Ethan, and Brody. She has served at Seacoast Church since 1993 and most recently as the Pastor of Seacoast Worship. Tara and her family are also passionate about raising awareness for the plight of those facing hunger in America, specifically the nearly 9,000 food-insecure children in Charleston, SC. It was that passion that led her in 2020 to join with HALF UNITED, a socially conscious lifestyle brand dedicated to fighting hunger and empowering those in need, where Tara now serves as their COO. When she isn’t tinkering with her ‘73 CJ5 Jeep or dreaming of Hawai'i, Tara can be found on her blog ( and on Instagram (@waitingonwonders) talking about pausing to hear God’s voice in the ordinary moments of life. Her devotional by the same title, Waiting On Wonders - 40 Days of Wonder, is due out in early 2023 and will be available anywhere books are sold.