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Feb. 20, 2023

Household Systems to Lighten Mama's Load & Reduce Stress - Overwhelm Management for Burned Out Christian Moms Part 2 [Guest: Laura Hernandez of Mama Systems]

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Inspiring you to be the best mama to your people and the best manager of your home, Laura Hernandez of Mama Systems and mom to ten kids is sharing the systems we can implement to create and sustain an atmosphere of peace in our house, keep families organized and running in harmony, and lighten the weight on mama's shoulders. We discuss:

  • What the systems look like and how they work
  • How we get our kids and families on board 
  • What to do if the system breaks down
  • The role of rewards and incentives
  • Making the most of your self-care time and activity, including protecting it without guilt!

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Short on time? Skip around the episode
2:42 - Laura’s testimony of what happened that caused her to need to create systems
6:25 - Laura breaks down the systems that create an atmosphere of peace in households
9:17 - What to do if you can’t find someone to help you with household responsibilities
13:50 - Getting your kids, spouses, and other household members on board with the system
18:10 - The role of rewards and incentives for kids
19:15 - Teaching your kids grace and compassion
20:05 - Self-care tips and advice for moms
27:01 - Laura’s favorite way to manage and reduce stress

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Laura HernandezProfile Photo

Laura Hernandez

Founder and CEO of Mama Systems

Laura Is the CEO and founder of Mama Systems, a coaching business that helps moms create peace in their homes through systems. So many of us are simply reacting to life and surviving motherhood that we are missing out on the people we love and the things we want to be doing.

Laura's story of fostering, adopting and special needs has shaped not only her life but has brought about this amazing company that has coached hundreds of moms to peace in their homes.