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Dec. 6, 2022

The Beauty of Unanswered Prayers with Writer Brianna Lambert | Episode 39

Who here gets frustrated with unanswered prayers?! I’ll be the first to raise my hand. If you do too, you must listen to this testimony!

Mom of 3 and writer at Looking to the Harvest, Gospel-Centered Discipleship and many other faith publications, Brianna Lambert dives into her journey and how she was repeatedly brought back to a place that held both extremely joyous and agonizing life events. That place was Building 5255. To many, it was just a medical facility. But to her, Building 5255 has become a tangible memorial of God’s faithfulness. She also tells us how unanswered prayers, especially in the midst of major trials, led to the greatest lessons she’s had about who God is.

As you listen, imagine Building 5255 as a metaphor for your life. Where does God keep bringing you back to and what might He be teaching you through your trials and unanswered prayers?

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Brianna LambertProfile Photo

Brianna Lambert

Writer at Looking to the Harvest

Brianna Lambert is a wife and a mom to three, making her home in the cornfields of Indiana. She loves using writing to work out the truths God is teaching her each day. She is a staff writer with Gospel-Centered Discipleship and has contributed to various online publications, such as Christianity Today, Risen Motherhood, and The Gospel Coalition. She and her husband also work together to create hand-crafted art that helps you remember your baptism. You can find more of her writing and her shop at