Charge up your mornings with the MORE JOY journal one-sheet

Gratitude Journal Breakdown

Journal template

    • #3 - Where did you see God’s goodness yesterday?
      • What is God’s goodness and what do you need to look out for? 
        • Might look different to everyone and every circumstance because God is personal and intimate. No one size fits all, but here are some things I’ve heard from nearly 40 moms.


  • Closeness of God


          • Peace and comfort when it doesn’t make worldly sense
            • Did you have what should have been a difficult moment yesterday and feel differently?
            • Was there a turning point in a past situation? Shift in perspective or a relationship


  • Convictions from God


          • Did you choose a different response to a situation?
          • Did God remind you of something? 
            • 1:06pm computer screen. Time spent with God


  • Presence of God in small ways


          • Did something strike you or stop you?
          • Get down to the tiniest detail.


  • Moments of gratitude for God’s blessings


      • Forgiving - whenever we make mistakes, we can own up to it and be forgiven because God gives us grace.
  • #2 - What are you praying for and what do you believe about God?
    • Ground your heart and expectations in God’s character.
  • Embrace truth - what scripture are you going to memorize this week? 
  • If you don’t have a printer, email me - I will print and mail it to you!
  • Community: 
  • I’m coming out with a testimony/daily planner journal that’ll help you remember not only all the good but the God-filled goodness throughout your year. Get a taste of it at which will also put you on the notification list for launch. 
  • For now, I have a cheat sheet to help you start off each day with more joy and positivity.
  • As you do it more, it’ll help you grow your faith, have more gratitude, and lift you as you grow through your tasks.