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Feb. 27, 2023

Did I Do the Right Thing? Tackling Self-Doubt in Parenting and and Other Mom Fears [Guest: Women Confidence Coach Amy Debrucque]

Confidence coach Amy Debrucque gives us expert advice on how we overcome self-doubt, overthinking and other mom fears that threaten to debilitate us into believing we're not good moms.
Amy is the author of Embolden, host of the Life on Purpose podcast, cancer survivor and a certified life coach specializing in building confidence in women. In this episode, we talk about:

  • The #1 fear among moms
  • Discerning between rational vs. irrational fears
  • What surrendering fear looks like in practice
  • Having confidence in our parenting
  • Amy’s journey overcoming fear
  • Managing debilitating mom fears about our children

Don’t have time? Skip around the episode:
- Types of mom fears
6:48 - Discerning between rational and irrational fears and how to avoid training your brain to buy into all fears
9:20 - What is the number 1 fear among moms?
11:01 - Overcoming our fears and having more confidence in our parenting
13:12 - What to do when you know you didn’t give your best
14:22 - What surrendering practically looks like
16:01 - What trusting actually God looked like for Amy during her hard season
18:20 - How we handle fears for our children when we can’t physically be there to protect them
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Amy DebrucqueProfile Photo

Amy Debrucque

Author of Embolden, Confidence Coach and Host of Life on Purpose Podcast

Amy Debrucque is a wife, mom of four, life coach, co-author of Embolden, and host of the Life On Purpose Podcast where she encourages women to live on purpose instead of fear. Amy loves entertaining with family and friends. A self-proclaimed "beach junkie", health nut, and chocolate lover, she loves cooking, baking, attending her kids sporting events and getting in weekly HIIT workouts with her friend Alice.